Pronto M91-R

ProntoM91 The new and improved M91-R feature Traction Control Design for improved weight distribution and performance, Stability Lock for enhanced driving on inclines and declines. Complete with center-wheel drive performance, high-speed motors and a 300-pound weight capacity, the Pronto M91 with SureStep appeals to consumers with an active lifestyle. Innovative SureStep technology makes negotiating thresholds and transitions up to three inches high effortless in the M91 while maintaining stability of six wheels on the ground. Offering excellent maneuverability, SureStep technology and a maximum speed of 6.5 mph, the Pronto M91 is sure to be preferred by consumers on-the-go.


  • SureStep technology (patent pending) with Traction Control Design and Stability Lock for smooth driving over thresholds and transitions up to three inches in height
  • True center-wheel drive for intuitive driving and tight overall turning radius
  • Six wheels on the ground provide optimum stability
  • Adjustable ASBA Seating with customizable widths and depths for seating and positioning requirements that may change during the life of the product.
Turning Radius: Front: 19.5″
Rear: 21.5″
Product Weight Capacity: 300 lb. (Standard) 400 lb. (Optional)
Speed: Maximum of 6.5 mph
Charger: 5 amp (on-board)
Incline Capability: 9 degrees
Limited Warranty:
Base Frame: 5 years
Seat Frame: 3 years
Electrical Components: 1 year
Motors: 1 year
Remaining components: (except upholstered materials, padded materials, tires/wheels) 1 year